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Why Interactive Management, Inc. Became an AMCI- Accredited AMC

Accredited AMCs demonstrate that they comply with the highest industry standards by being recognized as leaders in association management. See below for why IMI is proud to be an AMCI-Accredited AMC and how this will benefit your association. 


Comply with the Highest Industry Standards

Accredited AMCs demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, responsibility and integrity and they have the ability to exceed expectations.

Accredited AMCs operate ethically and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

They enter into written contracts with each association client stating, at a minimum, the services to be provided, fees and billing procedures, and the term and termination aspects of the contracts.

They ensure that employees are qualified to provide services to clients when certification or a particular qualification is necessary to serve the clients effectively.


Have the Quality Control Systems in Place to Assure Quality Service

Accredited AMCs manage all client accounts and funds in compliance with standard accounting rules and regulations. 

They observe federal tax requirements for maintaining the tax status of their clients.

They have written policies precluding co-mingling of assets among client associations or with assets of the AMC.

They disclose to clients all income received by commission, finder’s fees and other sources related to clients.

Accredited AMCs maintain comprehensive company insurance.

They maintain comprehensive insurance coverage in amounts reasonably sufficient to protect association clients. 

They maintain full and accurate records of current and prior association clients; maintain the confidentiality of all association client records, data, proceedings, contracts and other information; and maintain and provide a written confidentiality policy to all clients (either as part of or separate from the written contract with the client).


Have Performance Service Systems in Place

Ensure that client’s needs are identified and the services to be provided by the AMC are agreed upon by the AMC and the client;

Require regular feedback from clients;

Provide for understanding and a prompt response to clients’ needs and reasonable requests;

Support a staff personnel training and development program;

Foster an organizational culture embracing professional performance attributes;

That controls costs, improves efficiency, and promotes prompt performance of quality services to the client.


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