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History and Background

We believe IMI’s greatest strengths are experience, knowledge and ability to quickly assimilate our staff to the ideals of the client.

IMI has a strong background in financial record keeping, reporting and attends regular meetings sponsored by the IRS to keep updated on new laws and rules. Additionally, IMI has worked with many State Agencies, the State General Assembly, lobbyists and representatives in Washington DC.

In 2000, the officers of IMI were instrumental in working with The International Association of Association Management Companies and the American National Standards Institute to develop standards for best practices in association management. Association Management companies must demonstrate compliance with all areas of the ANSI/AMC Institute Standard and complete a review conduct by an independent accounting firm. IMI proudly achieved accreditation in 2002 and both IMI and our clients have benefited from our commitment to quality. IMI is one of two firms accredited in the state of Colorado. Our last review was in 2018.

Interactive Management, Inc. (IMI) was established in 1973 for the purpose of providing superior association management services to professional non-profit and trade associations.

Out of the 530 association management companies in the country, only 25% were in business before 1980. IMI celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2013, certainly a rare achievement in this industry. IMI is proud of the long-term relationships built during this time.

At IMI we work as a team to ensure the value and success of our client’s programs. Our role is to manage the activities of our clients and help them realize their goals and objectives with the guidance of their Boards of Directors. This allows volunteers to concentrate on program development, not administrative detail.

IMI is achievement based. Our performance must equal or surpass written established goals. The job description listed in the proposal must be reviewed and clearly set and agreed on by both the Board of Directors and IMI.

Association management is successful when the association itself succeeds. That requires a true investment of interest and energy on the part of the association staff, learning about the long-term challenges of the association as well as meeting its daily management needs. IMI not only understands this role, but also seeks new ways to keep up with latest trends. We realize that we are only as successful as our clients, therefore every staff member functions as part of the team for each association. We have learned that developing a strong and active partnership with each of our clients is the only way to achieve productive and consistent results.

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