Services Provided By IMI

Financial Management​

Consistent, thoughtful and transparent financial management is critical to an organization's success. IMI works to manage your assets in a way that ensures the health of your organization. IMI will support your organization to ensure all facets of its financial management and fundraising activities are handled effectively and efficiently. This way, the organization can spend more time on its mission without burdening the board to manage books.

Empowering Volunteer Leaders

Board members and committee chairs have the unique opportunity to give back to their industries and professions while also furthering their personal leadership goals. IMI can create orientation and training programs for new leaders, we also provide a framework for service that frees them to realize their own greatness - and the potential greatness of the organization. IMI trains leaders to become better stewards of not just their organizations' missions, but their lives' mission. IMI will handle your organization's operations so that your board is able to focus on meeting the big-picture goals and its members needs. Understanding that volunteer engagement is necessary to meet these goals, we also work to secure qualified, passionate volunteers and help them to make the most of time and efforts.

Membership Development

Understanding the importance of member and customer support, IMI's team is responsible for creating positive experiences with each interaction. In addition, our proven member retention plans have helped retain hundreds of thousands of dollars in member revenue. Because IMI recognizes that the members are the heart and soul of any organization, we will efficiently handle all of the administrative tasks necessary to ensure each member has a positive experience. One of our top priorities is creating an accessible, welcoming atmosphere for your members and volunteers.

Marketing and Membership Communication

An association's "brand" is one of its greatest assets. IMI has the talent and expertise to guarantee that we achieve the marketing and communication goals to succeed in this competitive and ever-changing landscape. IMI is versed in creating and implementing marketing strategies, copy-writing, and media relations. We also understand how important membership engagement is and conducting surveys for feedback to be utilized for further development.​

Web and Technology

From realizing organizational efficiencies to more strategically aligning your marketing, programming, and development initiatives, our skilled, hands-on team transforms outdated models into dynamic solutions that drive a successful organization. IMI has developed creative ways for our client partners to tell their stories allowing them to attract new customers and grow, both in size and scope. From designing responsive websites and print publications to writing and editing marketing collateral to creatively thinking about how to better communicate using social media, our team develops unique ways to help organizations stand out. IMI is always strategically determining the best use of technology to meet an organization's mission and goals which is imperative in today's hyper-connected world. IMI provides a robust, fully integrated infrastructure that allows our organizations to thrive, and an expert team that allows them to leverage the many technological tools at their disposal.

Marketing and Communications

An associations "brand" is one of its greatest assets. IMI has the talent and expertise to achieve the marketing and communications goals to succeed in this competitive and ever-changing landscape. IMI encourages our clients to elevate their brand and strengthen connections with their members and stakeholders. IMI will provide you with the marketing and communications strategy, messaging and collateral you need to reach and engage your key audiences and position your organization as a leader in its field. IMI creates electronic newsletters on different platforms to keep members informed. In addition, we are able to help develop, enhance or simply maintain a successful social media strategy for your organization. Our staff is well versed in creating and fine tuning these strategies for our clients, as their online presence is often their first impression.

Meeting Management

Leading and managing all aspects of your organizations' domestic and/or international conference planning is an important way we support your success and drive non-dues revenue growth. That growth is supplemented by our thorough development of industry support through advertising, sponsorship, exhibits, and educational grants. IMI has extensive involvement locally and nationally, we have planned meetings, conventions and trade shows in virtually every state, we have developed relationships with property sales staff that are valuable to our clients. We plan over 100 meetings a year in Colorado alone, and know the best place to go for each event and the time of year. We are experienced in working with hotels, decorators and other suppliers and we are skilled at reviewing and signing favorable contracts. We know what is important to participants of association meetings.

Strategic Guidance

IMI has the expertise to develop and implement a process which will enable the organization to make the strategic decisions necessary to produce a plan which is owned and supported by the leadership, the membership and the staff, and above all, capable of being implemented and evaluating. Our experienced experts can help your organization create a customized strategy that addresses growth - from nurturing new revenue streams and increasing membership to streamlining processes and promoting positive interactions. Beyond the obvious, knowing the differences between short- and long-term planning can help clients navigate their paths from the present to the future with demonstrated progress toward achieving their goals. IMI understands that rapid change can paralyze organizations and volunteer leaders if they aren't thinking ahead and planning strategically. Let IMI help create smart, achievable plans that embrace innovation for long-term success.

Government Relations

As actions of government have increasingly broad and far-reaching impacts, respected and competent representation at the State legislature, the Executive Chamber and Colorado state agencies have become critical to the future success of any organization. IMI staff, with our extensive experience interacting with lawmakers, policy-makers and their staffs, provides organizations with the well-respected and effective representation necessary to obtain their goals. Our talented team works closely with leadership to develop and implement a strategy for achieving your policy goals. For many organizations, advocating on behalf of their members to governmental audiences is a key element of their mission. IMI can offer professional lobbying, monitoring of city and county issues and agencies as we; as bills to state legislature.