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About IMI


Interactive Management Incorporated (IMI) is a full service association management company. Association management companies enable all organizations to enjoy benefits of professional management. At IMI we work as a team to ensure the value and success of our client's programs. Our role is to manage the activities of our clients and help them realize their goals and objectives with the guidance of their Boards of Directors. This allows volunteers to concentrate on program development, not administrative detail.

IMI is well suited to provide the requested services and assist in achieving desired results. We are a small association management firm that has the experience and capability to give your association dedicated attention to the administration of all your programs.

Interactive Management Incorporated is an active member of the AMC Institute and American Society for Association Executives (ASAE). We subscribe to published "Best Professional Practices". IMI achieved Accreditation in 2002, complying with the ANSI/AMC Institute Standard. This signified our commitment to enhancing the professionalism of IMI and maintaining high standards of competence and integrity.

Interactive Management Incorporated is achievement based. Our performance must equal or surpass written established goals. The job description listed in the proposal must be reviewed and clearly set and agreed upon by both the Board of Directors and IMI.

Mission Statement


The purpose of Interactive Management is to provide a full range of association management services to fit the specific needs of individual clients through centralized administrative facilities and staff.

IMI objectives provide improved services to clients through:

  • Centralized administrative facilities and staff shared by other associations.

  • Effective office operations utilizing the state-of-the-art equipment emphasizing communication – the lifeblood of associations.

  • Meeting seasonal manpower demands without excess costs.

  • Handling all association needs, no matter how small, with professional, trained association management personnel. Their varied areas of expertise are pooled to meet the specific needs of each client.



For more information about us, please download the brochure.

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