Website Design & Management

Your website is an important marketing tool and your members rely on your website to find the information they need with ease.  Keeping the website continually updated is critical.   IMI has experience in website design, development and maintenance for websites of various degrees of sophistication and complexity.  Many of our clients have integration platform based websites that integrate searchable data bases, event registration and secure credit card processing.   Website technology and capabilities are continually expanding and our team keeps on top of the capabilities of each website to ensure clients are getting the maximum results.  Web technology helps associations better understand their industry or profession, and can assist with program planning and program development.

Social media and collaborative website platforms provide organizations many ways to engage their stakeholders and establish a two-way dialogue. IMI employees are using social media, including blogs, social networks, podcasts, streaming, and online video and RSS feeds, to nurture professional relationships with key stakeholders, better serve our members, understand and engage our critics and cultivate a network of individuals who support IMI’s mission and serve as brand ambassadors.

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