Membership Development

IMI has expertise in developing strategies for membership recruitment and retention.

  • Membership publications
  • Educational/certification programs
  • Member benefit packages/insurance
  • Association library
  • New chapter development
  • Advise board of directors, officers and committees
  • Strategic Planning
  • Bylaws
  • Goals and objectives
  • Administrative management/support
  • Leadership development programs offered to volunteers
  • Managing membership databases
  • Constructing, distributing and analyzing

Membership satisfaction/vision surveys IMI employees are constantly updating their leadership skills. We believe that involvement in a professional organization develops leadership skills and provides opportunities for peer interaction.


IMI staff is experienced with many methods of database management including: Affiniscape, Avectra, ACT!, Cvent, and Member Clicks software. Staff works to ensure that member records are kept current allowing members and non-members to be easily identifiable.



IMI has the knowledge and ability to market the association services, develop new Areas of service and strengthen existing programs.  Our society is continually changing and we know we must change and keep up with the times.  We are involved in continuing education in the field of association management so we can provide the best possible services to our clients.

We know that associations continue to have challenges and must adopt policies that will prepare for the future.  We believe that associations like the rest of society will be knowledge-based and communications based.  Associations must become listening posts for change and it will be imperative to define emerging trends and communicate solutions to their members and the public.

Our staff utilizes creative thinking combined with continuing education to keep abreast of trends and technology.  The changing dynamic of the association combined with frequent changes in elected leaders dictate that we stay focused on objectives and goals.

IMI utilizes state-of-the-art equipment:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Laptops for offsite events
  • Scanner and desktop publishing
  • Fax & broadcasting capabilities
  • Postage meter
  • Telephone services (client phone line capabilities)
  • Voicemail after hours
  • Conference call services
  • Laser and color printers
  • High speed photo copier with collator
  • Cellular smart phones
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